Bodywork & Reiki

Massage & Bodywork

I graduated from the Myotherapy Institute of Massage in 2007 under the loving care of Donna Kraft Smith of the Maine Massage School and received 750 hours of training for my licensure.  

I have since gone on to complete hundreds of additional hours of study in Thai Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, MyoFascial Release, Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy and Trigger Point work.  

My bodywork sessions consist of intuitive and integrative work combining several techniques on the massage table or floor mat. No two bodywork sessions are the same! They are catered exactly for what you need and include a pre-session check-in to go over the expectations of each recipient.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that strives to bring balance and wholeness back at an energetic, emotional and spiritual level.  I was first attuned in 2007 for both levels of Usui Tradition Reiki by my beloved friend and Master Teacher, the late Liza Bishop.

I went on to complete my Reiki Master level in a more Shamanic approach under the guidance of Jerusha Rone in 2011. I have since joyfully passed my Reiki lineage on to many students though lovingly guided Reiki Attunements and trainings.  Private sessions, private trainings, and group trainings are available.

Private Sessions

Private Training

Group Training