My Yoga Practice

It could be said that Yoga is truly my first love…

I came to the practice around fourteen years old, after all! However, to choose only ONE true love would diminish the ever-evolving conglomerate of practices that my classes offer.
My class offerings are an experience of all of my life’s healing modalities and experiences brought together into one cohesive dance: a strong understanding of and practice with the breath, hands on touch and assists that are supportive, therapeutic and balancing blended with a deep understanding of the theory, history, philosophy, anatomy and therapy of the yoga practice.

It is an absolute joy to share this practice in public class, private class, retreat and yoga teacher training settings.

Yoga Offerings

Karuna (Vinyasa) Flow
Power Flow
Yin & MyoYin Yoga
Therapeutic Restorative Yoga
Yin-Vin Yoga
Beginner’s Yoga
All Level’s Yoga
Advanced Yoga
Special populations yoga: You tell me what you’re working with and we form a plan…TOGETHER!

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